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Escape Room Calgary Alberta
A Golden Acquisition Title

Fun for players of all ages and a great place to start your escape room journey! This Victorian themed heist has you breaking into a museum to steal a priceless artifact.

This escape room is great for families, friends, and co-workers and promises to be…

A Fun Filled Sixty Minutes!

Dangerous Chemical Sign on Door
Words Written on Ribbon

This intense zombie themed adventure has your team racing to find a cure before you are surrounded by a horde of hungry zombies!

The clock is ticking. Can your group discover the cure in time or will the military have to take drastic measures?! This room promises to be…

A Heart-pounding Race To the Finish!

Horrible Dungeon Banner Image
Words Written on Wood

Surrounded by companions, you awake to the voice of a raven welcoming you to a mysterious dungeon. Can you break free of the magic that holds you before time runs out?

Inspired by fairy tales of old, this escape room is great for kids and adults alike and will be…

A Most Enchanting Experience!

Horrible Dungeon Banner Image
Words Written on Wood

A mysterious call and an inbound ship. You and your friends are called to investigate a theft aboard the enigmatic S.S. Allami. Can you crack the case before the ship leaves harbor in one hour?

This mystery based escape room is great for all players and promises to be…

An Exciting Game of Wits!

All Time Escape Room Leader

A Golden Acquisition Title
Team Goat Won Prize
Team: Team G.O.A.T.

Time to Beat: 23:00 Minutes

Words Written on Ribbon
Group of people having fun
Team: We Got These GUNS @ Sears

Time to Beat: 23:10 Minutes

Words Written on Wood
Team Won a Prize
Team: History’s Greatest Monsters

Time to Beat: 29:31 Minutes

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Arcadia Adventures Escape Room is Calgary’s Premier Escape Room Experience

Located in the heart of Southwest Calgary, Arcadia Adventures has three real-life escape rooms that will challenge your puzzle solving abilities, improve your team-building skills, and most importantly, get you to have a room full of fun!

Our escape rooms are professionally designed to provide you with a real-life experience, with engaging visual elements and hands-on game-play that will put you in the zone.

Each escape room is unique with its own challenges and puzzles to solve. You can steal an artifact from a mysterious Victorian museum, race to find a cure before a horde of hungry zombies break inside or escape from the magical confines of a fairy-tale dungeon.

But here’s the twist: you have to do in one hour!

Follow the story, search for clues, break down hidden meanings and work as a team to get out in time! Make sure that you make the right decisions as every wrong one will hit you where it hurts: the countdown clock!

So are you up for the Calgary escape room challenge?

If so, make a booking at Arcadia Adventures Escape Room! Whether you’re a group of friends wanting a new challenge, a boss who wants an exciting team-building activity, or you just want to have some fun with the family, our escape rooms have it all for you.

Immerse yourselves in our escape room and work as a team to complete the challenge before time runs out! Book your spot at one of our escape rooms today.

Escape Room Calgary Reviews
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Five Stars in Tripadvisor
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People Who Play Together, Stay Together
Who should participate and why...

We provide outstanding escape rooms for:

  • Groups of friends
  • Family fun for kids of all ages (younger kids need supervision)
  • Birthday parties
  • Date night/double date night
  • Team building activities
  • Teen & neonate parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Stag/Stagettes
  • Scavenger hunt activities
  • Any get together where you want things to do that escape the norm for something truly unique and memorable

An Escape Room in Calgary For Everyone!

When it comes to an experience that is fun for everyone, you cannot go past what Arcadia Adventures has to offer. Our escape room experience will not only be thrillingly fun but also be enticingly challenging. The feeling you get when you solve the puzzles and beat the clock is second to none.

But the question is: can you do it?

Each room has its own adventure, with riddles to be cracked and pressures to overcome. Can you find the cure to stop the zombie horde eating you and your team in our “Survival At Z-Hour” room? What about escaping from the ‘Ye Olde Horrible Dungeon” room before falling under a life-long spell? Can you steal “A Golden Acquisition” from the Museum of Curiosities?

Can you work as a team to solve it all or will you bicker away until the clock runs out?

It’s an experience that is fun for the whole family, your group of friends, and your work colleagues. Check out our blog for escape room tips, insider information and cool stories about Arcadia Adventures’ escape rooms in Calgary.

Book your next escape adventure online now!

But best of all... Because it's the most fun you'll have this year. Book now!

Birthday Parties!

Play for free on your birthday! Just use the code 'BIRTHDAYPROMO' when booking online or let us know in store! Booking must be within two weeks of your birthday. Valid ID required upon arrival.

Corporate Events!

Can your team escape in time? We offer multiple group packages for groups of all sizes. Book our facility for your next team building event today!

Family Friendly Fun!

Take advantage of our youth pricing! Our rooms have been enjoyed by players of all ages including children. Send us a message if you are unsure of the suitability of a room for your desired age group.

The Complete Escape Room Calgary Experience

We offer everything that you need when it comes to the complete escape room experience in Calgary.

All our rooms are masterfully planned and prepared by an expert so that you get the full adventure when you’re stuck inside. More so, thanks to our prime location opposite from Chinook Centre in SW Calgary, our escape rooms are close to restaurants and food outlets, so you can get your feed on, once you’ve conquered our rooms (or failed them and need food to make you happy!).

Our escape room experience is great for families, couples, friends, and is one of the most popular team building activities in Calgary. Bring down your employees, your classroom, your sports team for a fun and team-bonding time!

We have group packages to suit all sizes (from 15 people to as many as 40), as well as the option of hiring out the entire facility for yourself!

If you are looking for the premier Calgary escape room experience with amazing adventures and remarkable reviews, lead by awesome game masters, then come check us out – you’ll be happy you did!

Book Now or give us a call at (587) 356-0440

If You're Looking for an Adventure, Come Check Us Out!

About Us

Located across from Chinook Centre, Arcadia Adventures Escape Room is Calgary's most exciting escape room experience!

With rooms that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced players alike, we innovate the standard escape room formula with custom made, unique escape adventures you won't find anywhere else.

If you're looking for a fun experience with family, friends and co-workers, have an adventure at Arcadia Adventures Escape Room!

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