A Golden Acquisition

A Thrilling Heist For The Ages

‘The Golden Alpaca’ is the newest addition to the Museum of Curiosities. An ancient treasure of powerful properties, those who possess the alpaca will be lavished with wealth and fortune beyond their wildest dreams. But the treasure deserves to be returned to its rightful place. Can you, as part of the mysterious Illamanati, successfully steal back the ancient treasure before you are caught?’

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2-8 players
(recommended 4-6)

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The Team To Beat

Those Who Play Together,
Stay Together

Escape rooms involve solving puzzles, quick-thinking, teamwork and collaboration, making them ideal for team-building events, corporate retreats, and birthday parties. At Arcadia Adventures, we accommodate groups of up to 40 people with the opportunity to split into teams and play multiple rooms. Ask us about our group bookings today!

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A Victorian-Age Adventure

As part of the Illamanati – a secret society keeping watch over sacred artifacts for generations – you and your companions must break the rules, solve the puzzles and crack to code to find ‘The Golden Alpaca.’ But time is of the essence, and the clock is ticking. Keep your head down, use your wits and steal the golden idol before it’s too late.

Escape Room Survivors
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A Note From
The Creators

‘A Golden Acquisition’ is Arcadia’s first escape room and takes inspiration from classic Victorian Era adventure novels by H. Rider Haggard, Arthur Conan Doyle and Barbara Mertz.

A Few Tips...

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