Survival at Z-Hour

A Heart-Pounding Race Against Time

Zombies run free. The world is in ruin. Yet, there is hope. You and your fellow scientists are close to creating a cure at a remote laboratory in the wilderness. But can you hold off the walking dead now swarming the facility? Can you save the world in time or will you become one of them? Tick, tick, tick…

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2-8 players
(recommended 4-6)

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Escape Rate

escape rooms Calgary rates

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escape rooms Calgary rates

Per Child (12 & under)

Winners Wall
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The Team To Beat

Those Who Play Together,
Stay Together

Escape rooms involve solving puzzles, quick-thinking, teamwork and collaboration, making them ideal for team-building events, corporate retreats, and birthday parties. At Arcadia Adventures, we accommodate groups of up to 40 people with the opportunity to split into teams and play multiple rooms. Ask us about our group bookings today!

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A Zombie-Themed Thriller

The clock is ticking. Your team of scientists are on the verge of discovering a cure to free the world from a ravenous zombie horde. But for every minute you spend creating the medicine, the swarm moves closer and closer. It is up to you to save humanity before hungry zombies invade your facility. Can you hold them off?

Escape Room Survivors
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A Note From
The Creators

‘Survival at Z-Hour’ is the second escape room designed by Arcadia Adventures and pays homage to the classic and modern Zombie fiction, including Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead and the Resident Evil Series.

A Few Tips...

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