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The Ultimate Team Building Activity In Calgary

Are you looking for team building activities in Calgary? Do you want to bring together your employees to function as one? Strengthen the bond between your teammates, or encourage your classroom to work as a unit? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Arcadia Adventures Escape Room is the premier Calgary escape room experience that aims to bring people together, build relationships and establish trust and collaboration between teams.

Our escape rooms will encourage your team to think on their feet, trade ideas, listen to each other, help when the going gets tough, as well as develop patience and respect between each other.

That is why corporations, sporting clubs, schools, and all other organizations come to us. Our rooms will help them bond over a common goal: getting out of the room within one hour. Can they do it? Or will they struggle under pressure?

Ranking Number One In Team Building Activities In Calgary

Can your team work together to steal a golden artifact from a mysterious Victorian museum? Will they focus on solving the clues to escape from the magical confines of a fairy-tale dungeon? Will they put their egos aside to find the cure to save them from the horde of hungry zombies?

Can they do it all in one hour?

Our escape rooms are thrilling, challenging, but most importantly fun. Your team will get a bunch of laughs, crack jokes and smile when it comes to solving the riddles of our escape rooms!

Whether you’re a group of staff members, a boss trying to reconnect the team, a group of classmates being urged on by your teacher, or a sporting group looking for another challenge, we have the escape room experience for every team size.

Great for parties, Christmas challenges, corporate days, our escape rooms are the ultimate team-building activity for all types of organizations. We have packages for all kinds of group sizes, as well as the chance to privately hiring the entire facility!

Don’t miss on out this awesome experience. Stop looking for team building activities in Calgary and book your spot at Arcadia Adventures today.

5 Big Reasons to Choose an Escape Room

1. Teams That Play Together, Stay Together:

There’s nothing like escaping a locked room puzzle to get people coordinated, motivated, and goal-focused!

Setting goals and action planning encourages group cohesion by setting out clear objectives, both the individual and the team, in a safe & fun environment. Heck, you might even see some group bonding happen!

Girl looking behind the Image

2. Who’s on 1st and What’s on 2nd:

Natural role clarification promotes the teams’ understanding of everyone’s respective roles and responsibilities.

Playing escape room games can identify natural leaders, high performers, team players, and allow players to discover interesting things about themselves and each other.

Two Girls looking For Clues

3. Team Work Makes the Dream Work:

Your team needs to work together to escape our locked room puzzles.

Whether you’re on a corporate team, sports team, political team, or any other type of team, escape room adventures offer real challenges that require collaborative problem solving and critical thinking that will help bring your team together.

Boy Opening a Treasure Box

4. Feel Good and Be Happy:

  • Enhance social relations between players
  • Root out interpersonal problems
  • Improve communication and group morale
  • Translate this enhanced team dynamic to the “real” world
  • Develop mutual trust for a healthier team environment and better productivity
Girls Found a Key in Sand

5. An Escape Room Makes a Good Corporate Party Event or Group Activity

Make your next corporate party or group activity a team building event that is both fun and productive.

Group Meeting on Table
-> Please note: Experience tells us that teams with 10 or more members benefit the most from team building exercises. This is thanks to the greater pool of collaborative mental resources than teams with fewer members typically have.

Corporate Team Building

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  • Team building for corporations is one of the most common approaches to enhancing performance… and having fun is one of the most important considerations in team building!
  • Ultimately, the real intent is for your team to be more productive, focused, and cohesively coordinated.
  • Team building activities that engage employees in a learning environment allows teams to create solutions that are meaningful to them. This has a direct impact on the individuals, the team, and the organization as a whole.
  • The best team building activities are those that allow team members to collaborate toward a common goal, and problem solving to successfully complete and escape room does exactly that!
  • Arcadia Adventures Escape Room has hosted teambuilding events for a variety of clients, including corporate, sporting and charitable groups.

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  • Private Facility: Make full use of the facility during your visit! Private Facility means the whole facility is reserved only for your group. In addition to the time listed above, you have an additional one hour and use our boardroom for post game briefing, parties, food, etc! Private facility booking is an optional add on for 15/20 player packages and included as part of 30/40 player packages.

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Located across from Chinook Centre, Arcadia Adventures Escape Room is Calgary's most exciting escape room experience!

With rooms that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced players alike, we innovate the standard escape room formula with custom made, unique escape adventures you won't find anywhere else.

If you're looking for a fun experience with family, friends and co-workers, have an adventure at Arcadia Adventures Escape Room!

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