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Why Escape Rooms are Great for Team Building

Escape rooms are great for team building activities, but why is that? Is it because of the creative problem-solving they require? Or perhaps, it is because they offer many concurrent challenges that require a multitude of approaches to crack? Maybe it is because they naturally bring out the leadership qualities of individuals?

Truthfully, escape rooms are great for team-building exercises for all of those reasons, and even more that haven’t been mentioned. If you are looking for a great way to build camaraderie and friendship amongst your coworkers or employees, consider the following reasons that escape rooms should be your choice. 

Escape Rooms Breed Creativity

Truly, this is one of those benefits that is hard to quantify, but it is absolutely the truth. Some escape rooms have such complicated puzzle solutions that it forces people to think outside of the box, and it is there that they learn this valuable skill. That is to say, the valuable skill of creative problem-solving. 

children play in the chess quest room

In other circumstances, escape rooms offer sheer people power, and a naturally creative person is able to harness this power to push people out of their comfort zones and expand their own leadership abilities. 

Creativity is great for team-building exercises because it involves brainstorming and everyone’s opinion has equal merit.

Escape Rooms Bring People Together

Working with the same people every day does breed a sense of community, but sometimes it can just be a sense that they are working towards a common goal. Engaging them in activities that are not related to their work helps them get to know each other as individuals, not as the head of a department or the one really helpful person at the office. 

Escape rooms as team building activities give people the opportunity to see how others problem solve and think. This can be invaluable as a learning opportunity for their fellow employees, and they will be closer and more comfortable around each other as a result. 

In closing, creative problem solving and comfortability are both afforded when choosing an escape room for your team building activities. Bring your team together, have a good time, and try and learn something new about everyone and it will ultimately be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 

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