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5 Tips When Working Together In A Calgary Escape Room

Working with a team to complete an escape room in Calgary can be a challenge, but not if you follow along with the tips provided. Doing so, will give you the best chance to get out of your escape room. 

5 Tips When Working Together In A Calgary Escape Room 

Pass The Baton 

If you’ve noticed that you have spent a whole lot of time on a puzzle, and have not found a solution to it, it is time to hand it off to another teammate. They might be able to see something that you can’t, or they might be able to connect the dots that you’ve provided so you can solve the puzzle together. Don’t take it as an insult that you couldn’t finish it. You’ll most likely be able to complete another mystery in a Caglary escape room

Listen To All Your Teammates’ Ideas 

Communication is vital to escape room success. Without it, you are not going to complete the room, and in most cases, you’ll fall apart as a team (its why it’s considered a sought-after team-building activity in Calgary for businesses). A crucial part of working together is listening to your teammates. Regardless of how crazy their idea is when it comes to solving a riddle, listen to them. They might be a few steps away from cracking open the case, and if they aren’t, you’ve at least tried something outside the box.  

Get Loud! 

Yes, this might spread chaos quickly, but escape rooms are won by the team that is most open with their communication. If you find something that can break open a clue, scream it out loud! Let everyone know what you’ve discovered and how it might help along with the other clues your team has found. 

Search & Spread Out 

Quickly mark out the prospect puzzle points in the room. When you have that settled, break up into teams and focus on each puzzle. That way, each team member is able to focus on a puzzle, ensuring each problem gets a pair of eyes on them. If you all focus on one puzzle, you might miss the opportunity to figure out easier ones. 

Be A Player, Not A Spectator 

It’s too easy to be a spectator in a Calgary escape room, so if you feel that you’re just clamping around the group and focusing on the same puzzle, spread out. It is more effective as a team if you decide to start to solve a problem yourself. You will be surprised at what you might find, and that you might help connect the dots to another puzzle that your team is working on. 

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