Secret of the S.S. Allami

A Mysterious Case to Crack

The S.S Allami is a prized passenger vessel, heralded as the beauty of its age. But problems are afoot. A theft of unimaginable proportions has occurred and time is of the essence. The ship departs its shores in an hour and the thief is one step away from escaping forever. It’s up to your group of private investigators to solve the mystery before the criminal sails away towards the horizon.

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2-8 players
(recommended 4-6)

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Per Child (12 & under)

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The Team To Beat

Those Who Play Together,
Stay Together

Escape rooms involve solving puzzles, quick-thinking, teamwork and collaboration, making them ideal for team-building events, corporate retreats, and birthday parties. At Arcadia Adventures, we accommodate groups of up to 40 people with the opportunity to split into teams and play multiple rooms. Ask us about our group bookings today!

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Jump Onboard The Enigmatic Vessel

A mysterious crew. A tight-lipped list of passengers. A strange call. That’s all you and your team have to solve the case at hand. But there are clues everywhere. Secrets waiting to be uncovered. Can you find the clues and piece them together in time to catch the thief? Or will the mastermind manage to escape justice?

Escape Room Survivors
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A Note From
The Creators

‘Secret of the S.S. Allami’ is the latest room created by Arcadia Adventures. A mystery at heart, this room takes its cues from the novels of Ellery Queen, the classic board game ‘Clue’ and the Korean variety show ‘Crime Scene’.

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